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Monocle, Dufourstrasse 90


Firmen­profil Monocle im Branchen­portal

Dufourstrasse 90
8008 Zürich ZH
Tel.: 044 368 70 00
Fax: 044 368 70 01

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Beschreibung und Mehrwerte


In 2007, Monocle was launched as a magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. We believed there was a globally minded audience of readers who were hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders. Today Monocle is published 10 times a year out of our HQ at Midori House in London and has seen its sales grow every year: we now sell over 81,000 copies each issue with 18,000 subscribers. For $150 (€140) a year we make sure that our readers feel part of something more like a club, offering them regular invitations to subscriber events and ensuring they always have great service from our team.

Our global commitment means that our top 10 markets are the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, France and Italy. Perhaps not surprisingly we are also seeing a sales boom in Southeast Asia. We have an extensive network of over 30 correspondents from Milan to Bogotá, Paris to Bangkok. There are also bureaux in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Zürich, Toronto, Istanbul and Singapore.

We have stayed loyal to our belief in quality print with two new seasonal publications: The Forecast, packed with key insights into the year ahead, and The Escapist, our summer travel-minded magazine which also delivers a dose of business ideas and global affairs.

In 2013 we launched our first book in collaboration with Berlin publisher Gestalten. “The Monocle Guide to Better Living” proved an instant hit and is now joined by “The Monocle Guide to Good Business”, with “The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes” due on bookshelves in August this year. We also have a new series of travel guides with Gestalten: London and New York are on sale now and will be shortly joined by Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Then there’s Monocle 24, our round-the-clock radio station that launched in 2011. The station delivers global news and shows covering foreign affairs, urbanism, business, culture, design, food and drink and print media. Plus we have a playlist to accompany you day and night, often assisted by live sessions hosted at Midori House.

We also have a dynamic website: monocle. As well as being the place to hear Monocle 24 – or if you are a subscriber, have access to all the stories ever run in the magazine – we use the site to present our high-quality films and slideshows. Beautifully shot and edited by our in-house team of film-makers, Monocle’s films provide a fresh perspective on stories reflecting our editorial philosophy.

Monocle launched its new Quality of Life Conference this year. Over a sunny weekend in Lisbon we looked at everything from architecture to media, with 20 panellists and an audience of 180 readers from around the globe. We are already registering for 2016, when the conference will again take place in Europe. Monocle is a complete media brand with its print, audio and online elements – not to mention our expanding retail network and online business. Via our shops in New York, London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore we sell products that cater to our readers’ tastes and are produced by brands we believe in. We also have cafés in Tokyo and London and are set to expand this arm of our business.

Monocle continues to grow and flourish and at our core is the simple belief that there will always be a place for a print brand that is committed to telling fresh stories, that sends photographers on assignments and knows that its success is all down to the readers, advertisers and collaborators who have supported us along the way.

Monocle – keeping an eye and an ear on the world.

Sehen Sie hier das Unternehmens-Firmenprofil von Monocle in Zürich (Zürich) mit der Telefonnummer 044 368 70 00. Dieses Firmenporträt hat die ID HLP-7-274456.

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